Sandfields Pumping Station

The building contains one of the finest examples of a ”Cornish Style’ beam engines built by Jonah and George Davies of Tipton, therefore was an integral to the industrial development of the area.

Sandfields Pumping Station
Do you recognise anyone in this photo
Do you recognise anyone in this photo
Here is a photo of William & Sarah Robinson and two daughters Isabel & Agnes (my grandmother) about 1910. I think this would be Waterworks House, Sandfields.
Sandfields Etchv1
Sandfields Exterior
William Robinson going to work
Sandfields !

Sandfields Pumping Station was built in 1852 to supply clean water to the Back Country because ‘The natural sources of water have mostly failed and been diminished by reason of the mining operations carried on in the parish and neighbourhood’. The waterworks supplied water to Wednesbury Tipton, Kingswinford, Bilston, Darlaston, Oldbury, Sedgley, Stourbridge and Rowley to name but a few.

The waterworks is now redundant, and the land was sold to a developer in 2003 who now owns the building and engine. The building and the engine have listed status….


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