Getting to Know our People – William Paterson

We recently received and enquiry from a relative of William Paterson, asking if we knew anything about him?

Chris Pattison, archivist and historian extraordinaire is always up for the challenge. Digging deep into the archives, immediately came up with the goods: –

Bill Paterson was foreman at Maplebrook. He retired in the 1960s but was present at the last steaming of Maplebrook in 1972 after he retired. There are some photographs of him at that event. He was one of the Company’s leading experts on steam plant….


Here is a link to the article as it appeared in the January and June 1972 issue of New Review, the monthly new letter of the South Staffs Water Company


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2 Responses to Getting to Know our People – William Paterson

  1. bournevale says:

    Basil Henney has more information concerning William Paterson.Attached is a story written by me in 2017.Also attached is a brief bio of myself.I have also written a brief story of a child’s life at Bourne Vale Pumping Station and can forward this if of interest. Basil Scot Henney February 19,2018

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