Today, one small step

I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.

— George Bernard Shaw

Today we took one small step. Together we took the first step that will make a difference to people, communities and our industrial heritage.

Today was the first of a number of training sessions that Lichfield Waterworks Trust will undertake during the six-month licence to enter the building in our quest to save Sandfields pumping station.

Saving industrial heritage is not just about getting out the oily rags, the sandpaper and the tins of paint. It’s about inspiring people to make a difference to people, communities and our industrial heritage by building and developing the confidence, knowledge and skills of the people who are going to make it happen.

As a Community Incorporated Organisation (CIO), one of our key values is to keep our members, visitors and the community safe. So today was Health and Safety training for our building supervisors.


Our trainer was Nick Platt from Growing Rural Enterprise. Nick is a health and safety professional who advises and trains small to large organisations at all levels. He is a qualified trainer with over twenty years’ experience managing health and safety and fire safety.

Nick made the training both engaging, interesting and practical. While a number of the team members already hold health and Safety qualifications, it was still nice to get down to some practical work that was relevant to Sandfields Pumping Station and our future objectives.

A very big thanks to Nick Platt:

Our host for the day was Annamarie at Woodhouse Farm and Garden. Woodhouse is a traditional small farm created in 1808 from the walled garden, cherry orchard (a seven-acre field which had wild cherry trees in it) and other small scraps of land which had once been part of the grand Fisherwick Estate.

Woodhouse Farm is a community interest company (CIO) that wants to encourage the use of local seasonal produce, growing and cookery as therapeutic activities and training in heritage skills. As a community interest company the farm goes about it’s business producing fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and eggs while having a secondary aim to use the farm for community good.

Annamarie is also a wonderful cook and provided the team with a lunch that made our mouths love us forever.

A very big thanks also to Annamarie at Woodhouse Farm and Garden CIC:

A very big thank you to Philip Manton. Philip has been a supporter of our save Sandfields pumping Station campaign from day one. He has provided support advice and guidance on numerous occasions, and bought about clarity and direction when on a few occasions, we felt that we were pursuing a lost cause.

Philip has been great asset by inviting us to think about job roles within our organisation, helping us to learn to delegate and motivating others, by developing our teambuilding and leadership skills,

Thank you Philip Manton for organising today’s events.

Fillip Training – learning for change:

Finlay, a big thank you to all of the people who took part in today’s training day. Working together we can make a difference to people, communities and our industrial heritage, sowing the seeds of community sprite so that our future generations can reap the benefits tomorrow.


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