Newcomen Society’s Western Branch Meeting

For the Newcomen Society’s Western Branch meeting of Thursday 19 May 2016, David Moore, Chairman of the Lichfield Waterworks Trust, will speak on the Cornish Beam Engine at Sandfields Pumping Station.

Cholera and the silent higway

Built by George and Jonah Davies of the Albion Foundry, Tipton, the engine was installed at Sandfields in the wake of repeated cholera epidemics during the mid-nineteenth century. Mr Moore estimates that it pumped over two million gallons of water every day between the years 1873 and 1927. In his talk, he will tell the story of how clean water changed the lives of the people of the industrial midlands and supported the area’s growth and development.

The meeting will be held at 7.30pm, in Room 1 at BAWA (Bristol Aeroplane Welfare Association), 589 Southmead Road, Filton, Bristol, satnav postcode BS34 7RG. Admission is free, although we request a small donation towards the cost of room hire. Visitors are always most welcome.

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