An incredible story, of an everyday person

Michael Buckle is a man who believes that what you do today is important; you are exchanging a day of your life for it. He is an everyday person who has lead a remarkable life, and has an incredible story to tell.


Michael is the grandson of Joseph Plant, the son of a Lichfield railwayman, who was born in 1867, and in 1886 he Joined the South Staffordshire Water Company as a labourer and boiler cleaner at Sandfields Pumping Station, and was destined to spend his whole career at that location. Slowly rising through the ranks over the years Joseph Plant finally became foreman engine driver, in charge of the three James Watt engines and he drove the 190 horse power Jonah Davies “Cornish” beam engine.

In this oral history interview Michael tells me of his past life where he both saw and experienced life living at the water works cottage, the poverty following WWII, a relative who died of septicaemia following a small cut on his finger and his exploits as an RAF pilot flying Wellington and Lancaster bombers.

I feel truly humbled and privileged to meet such a giant of a man, this is a sound track of 30 minutes; time well spent.

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3 Responses to An incredible story, of an everyday person

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  2. Pedro says:

    I echo Staffsbred! could listen to the gentleman all day.

    Regards Pedro

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