This is one of those remarkable discoveries, that can tell us so much about the past. It is these recollections from the past; Mr. Joseph Plant, his memories, the story of an ordinary working man, that brings the past to life.

What I like about this post is how it tells the storeys of an individual, and also about the relationships he had with his employer and work colleagues. However it is also reflective of how our world has changed in quite significant ways in my own living memory.

Johann Van Leerzem and Brian Williams in their amazing document telling the story of the South Staffordshire Waterworks Company, they talk about staff with a long service record.

There were over 12 people who had service record of 50 years or more, and some female staff who had worked for 46 years. Of course all of this changed with the ‘get on your bike and find work’ cultures that grew up in the eighties, so it shows a significant cultural and social change.

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