Answers to some questions;

Following a few emails, I have made a few changes to the ‘Who to Contact’ page, to bring in some clarity. On reflection the page was far too complicated.

A number of people have asked me if there is any intention of running the Cornish beam engine again on steam. The short answer is yes, however we have to be realistic.

Every journey of a thousand miles start with a first step, the main priority is to get the developer to discharge his duties under the 106 agreement.

A Heritage Assessment is already in the pipeline, with a possibility we could see this in May 2013.

Forming a charitable trust would be the next logical step, so at least the developer has a charitable trust to donate the building to.

The boilers and chimney stack was removed in the very early 70’s and the canal for the cooling water is no longer in existence, so let us not underestimate the technical challenges to running this engine on live steam. Saying that, around 1974 a group of South Staffs Water employees did move the engine with a block and tackle.

There are also option with boilers and cooling water; Dogdyke pumping engine has a diesel fired package boiler, that works remarkably well; so it is no all over yet.

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