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Sandfields Pumping Station is a unique heritage site; however at this moment in time it is lacking public support. To save this valuable site is not a complicated process, it does not need vast amounts of money, or does it need a vast amount of your precious time, it only needs a show of needs public support.

It needs people to say, in a loud and clear voice ‘It is worth saving’; you can do this by simply saying so. Please take a few moments to visit the ‘Who to Contact’ page and write to your MP, County, District or Local Councillor, or write a comment here, it’s as simple as that.

About Morturn

Historian – Photographer – Filmmaker Retired construction professional with a passion for public, social and industrial history. I believe in equality, dignity and integrity for all. Don’t like people who try to belittle the ambitions of others. I am of the opinion that my now life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can. I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live.
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7 Responses to New Page – Who to Contact

  1. Peter Turvey says:

    Shocking the Persimmon homes are trying to evade their section 106 commitments for this important site; unfortnately I am too far away to help directly, so who should I writ to in order to express me disgust at this situation?

  2. morturn says:

    Peter, thank you for taking the time to show your interest and making a comment. The way I understand the planning regulations is (please correct me if I have miss understood or have this wrong); a section 106 agreement is a contractual agreement between the developer and the council.

    Section 106 agreements are often used by planning authorities to provide new public realm development, for instance building affordable homes, increasing the capacity of a school or an improved road layout. They are made to ensure that when a development takes place, other part of the infrastructure or community are not overwhelmed by the development so a win win situation exists as a result of the new development.

    As a section 106 agreement is contractual, it is enforced by law, so once agreed by the developer there is no negotiation, they have in fact signed on the dotted line and stated quite clearly, we will do…. Therefore the show stopper here is Lichfield District Council, who should in fact be serving notice on the developer, but have not done so.

    They have said that they did not feel that they have a strong enough case, however my opinion is, if you want it to happen, you will make it happen, if you are not interested, you will make an excuse.

    We must remember that a Council is not just a body of people who are there to collect Council Tax and business rates, they are there to provide a service. I can understand that most Councils are strapped for cash, however we must not assume that this will be a perpetual situation and the Councils are there to provide a service to the public, and not to be just a provider of jobs.

    Consequently saying that brings me back to the position of how strong is public opinion, if sufficient people feel as strong as I do about protecting our past, then the Council will have to act.

    In the first instance, please email, write to or telephone the District councillors, MP, County Councillors, in fact anyone who have been elected to represent you.

    One final point, If you can get two friends to also declare there concerns and interest, and then they could get their two friends to do the same, we could very quickly have a whole lot of support.


  3. morturn says:

    I have just taken this quote from the website of Lichfield District council concerning section 106 agreements;

    Section 106 agreements are designed to help make sure new developments enhance local communities, and to reduce the impact of developments on local areas.

    They help to create better quality environments in, and around, new developments, which can range from improving roads and building new community facilities, to creating open spaces and improving local schools.

    With all of the additional houses now built, being built or are in the planning pipeline, Sandfields Pumping Stations could be a first class recourse to help support a better environment, community facilities and schools.

  4. Peter Turvey says:

    I have emailed the leader of Litchfield District Council, Debbie Boffin &Coun. Neil Roberts to express my personal and professional concern at the council’s reported failure to enforce the section 106 agreement.

  5. Stacey Morton says:

    Hi all,
    I have a soft spot for old buildings especially old waterworks,I am a bricklayer by trade and would be available for any brickworks if needed. Just give mea shout….. stace

  6. Alfie Windsor says:

    Excited to find this site. My grandfather Alfred Windsor worked at Sandfields for most of his life – he is in the group photo on your gallery pages – second row, on the left. My uncle George also worked for SSWW Co for some time. Alfred lived in one of the staff houses attached to the site – the one whose garden runs down to the railway bridge. I lived with him for may years and have many memories of the pumping station, particularly the two large belt driving wheels in the main building, the incredible noise during full operations, the stoke hole and boilers, trains delivering coal, the spooky feel of the beam engine building and the small narrow gauge railway at the far end of the site. Plus miles of derelict canal and locks as a playground. Happy to share details with you if you email me

    Yours aye
    Alfie Windsor

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