Skills From the Past

A joy to behold. People doing what they do best, working together in cohabitation preserving a site that tells the remarkable story of clean water, and the health and wellbeing it bought to everyone.

Skills of the past, preserving industrial heritage for the future. #Sandfields

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Annual General Meeting

The Trustees of the Lichfield Waterworks Trust hereby give notice of an Annual General Meeting to be held 7.30 pm 15 July 2018, Meeting Room, Bowling Green Pub, Lichfield.

The following resolutions will be made:

After the formal proceedings there will be an opportunity to ask questions of the Trustees.

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The power of people who do things in the community

We are so pleased to receive these stunning HDR images from Russell Edmunds. Russell and his dad Mike are regular members at Sandfields and have made a significant contribution to the renovation work on the building.

We are incredibly grateful for the contribution of people like Mike and Russell, the quality of the work they have done will help keep the building safety, maintained and accessible to everyone in the community to share and enjoy.

The power of people who do things in the community….

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A Postcard From the Past – National Mills Weekend

Don’t forget that National Mills Weekend is starting today. Water and windmills are quite magical places and have been a part of our landscape for hundreds of years. Not only are they places of peaceful contemplation, they are the guardians of our past.

Holding memories deep within their foundations, telling stories of everyday people, the way they lived, worked and their lives. There are stories that enrich our lives….

….as we are creatures of memory. We cannot have a future idea unless we access a memory of the past….


#365daysofdogwalking #fridayfeeling #daysout




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Lichfield Waterworks Trust Monthly Talk

Following on from last months talk from Alan Taman, a researcher based at Birmingham City University, Cholera, Burgers and Blame: The politics and psychology of health inequality we would like to continue with the theme of health benefits from engineering.  

Our very own Alan Hill, who is a member of our extraordinary engineering team will be presenting a talk entitled:

Water as a Mechanical Agent – the many forms of water power.

Water is arguably the single most useful and valuable substance known to man. We drink it, bath in it and, since the earliest times, have used it to transport goods & people, and produce power – all of which are as important today as they have always been. This talk will look at ways in which water has been harnessed to produce power and some of the unusual uses to which it has been applied.

Alan is a retired manufacturing systems consultant, who has worked both in the UK and overseas. At the end of his career he worked for Warwick Manufacturing Group at Warwick University.

Born at Barrow-in-Furness a shipbuilding town in south Cumbria, from a young age he was brought up in a coal mining village near Barnsley, South Yorkshire but has lived in Birmingham for the last 45 years.

Alans talks are always interesting and innovating, this is certainly one not to miss, everyone is welcome to attend this talk

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Lichfield Waterworks Trust May Meeting

The next public meeting of Lichfield Waterworks Trust will take place on:  Monday 13 May 2019 @7.30pm, in the rear meeting room of the

The Bowling Green
Friary Road
WS13 6QJ

Tel: 01543 257344

The Bowling Green serves some great food and real ales, everyone welcome.

Sandfields Pumping Station, a cathedral to the industrial revolution.
“The heritage of the modern water industry is almost entirely absent despite its unarguable relevance to human development.”
J. Douet

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#365daysofbiking Semaphore

Here’s a coincidence. If you were at last night’s meeting of LWT, our very own rail historian extraordinaire Ian Pell spoke about semaphore signals and signal boxes. One a common sight in the landscape, now, sadly a rarity.

Who else but our very own community champion and keeper of extraordinary knowledge of all things relevant Brownhills Bob would know of some still in use.

It shows that cycling maintains not only our fitness, but our connection with the landscape; fitness for the mind and body indeed.

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February Meeting

The next public meeting of Lichfield Waterworks Trust will take place on:  Monday 11 March 2019 @7.30pm, in the rear meeting room of the
The Bowling Green
Friary Road
WS13 6QJ
Tel: 01543 257344
The Bowling Green serves some great food and real ales.

February meeting notes are available here

Latest News

Building Lease Update:

Following the trusts instructions to Persimmon that we would vacate the building, Persimmon Homes Ltd contacted the trust to clarify what they
said had been a misunderstanding in the wording of the lease and
instruction passed to the solicitors.
With the objectives of the trust and a commitment to work with the
owners in a productive way, the trust agreed to postpone vacating
pending further talks. Ian Prichard, Deputy Leader of Lichfield District
Council kindly offered to facilitate an initial meeting with Persimmon.
This meeting has now been completed and some revised offers have been placed upon the table. The trust will be meeting with the owner’s early
March 2019.

Important Note:

After the visit by Historic England on 16 Jan, the site has unfortunately
been placed on the Heritage At Risk Register.

This is indeed sad news to see that this magnificent piece of industrial
heritage is now officially at risk of permanent loss.
The trust is committed to continue working with the owner, Persimmon Homes Ltd to find a sustainable solution that will bring this building and its historic contents aback into a community use.
Tonights Talk Tonight talk is from our very own railway historian Ian Pell

“The Lichfield Diamonds”

This illustrated talk takes along the South Staffs Railway from Sandhills
to Lichfield City and discusses the evolution of the Lichfield City Station; its use; its signal boxes, and, its almost unique platform arrangement.
We also look at St. John’s Street Bridge and the origins of the crests which adorn it.

So what are the Lichfield diamonds, and are there any still to be found?
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Making Cholera History

#Watch new film describing how #Victorian engineers in #Lichfield brought clean water to the #BlackCountry eliminating #cholera. #GrahamFisher pre-order new book ‘The Black Country: A history in 100 objects’ & #SAVE #Join us for our next event. #historywm
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News Update

In November 2017 the site owners Persimmon Homes Ltd decided to remove the generator that the members had been using at Sandfields Pumping Station to undertake restoration work and announced that they did not wish to extend the licence.

Sandfields Pumping Station, Lichfield

Following a meeting with the owners in February 2108 the trust received an assurance that a temporary electrical supply would be reinstated, and lease would be granted. Lease documents arrived with the trust solicitors on 26 October 2018. The documents left several outstanding questions in terms of repairs, the section 106 agreement and other commitments given to maintain the building and set up an adequately funded trust.

The outstanding issues were raised with the owner who responded that the lease is for one year then the trust must take ownership for £1.00. The owners stated that if we did not wish to accept this offer, what are our plans for vacating the building?

In view of the heavy financial burden these outstanding repairs would inflict on the trust, the duration of the lease and the flat refusal to fund any respiration costs the trust has decided in its best interest to vacate the building as of 1 February 2019.

We know that this is a bitter blow and disappointment for all of the hard work the members have put in. However, the liability of the outstanding repairs and a refusal to fund any restoration costs are way beyond the scope of the trust and would put the building at a higher risk of loss than it is now.

Important Note:

The owners have come back to us and offered to discuss the terms of the lease an outlining their concerns as to why they did not wish to continue with the licence. On this basis the trust has agreed not to vacate the building on 1 February pending further talks. Work on site to reinstate the electrical supply has now started.

The trust is more than happy to enter into a meaningful discussion with the stakeholders and will continue to work in the best interest of the membership.

Thank you all for your continued help and support, we will of course keep you informed of progress.

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